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Ads Alert


Our Ads Alert system sends you a daily email containing new ads containing keywords that you specify.

You can enter keywords for products (ie, BMW to receive new ads for BMW's), states (ie, New York to receive new ads in New York) towns and cities (ie, Orange to receive new ads in Orange), and even postal codes to receive notification of new ads posted by people in your area!

You can also enter the USER ID# of your favorite advertisers to receive email notifications when your favorite advertisers post new ads.

Our Ads Alert service is 100% free, there is no limit of alerts and you can unsubscribe and you can op to stop receiving email notifications whenever you like!

If you're already one of our registered users, simply login to your account and click the "Ads Alert" tab.

If you're not yet registered, click here to join our community by registering for a free account, and you can add your alert and start receiving notifications today!

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