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Verified Member Benefit


* View your ads popularity (Number of view for each of your ads).


* Post Ads using multiple Accounts (Personal, Company, Brand, Project,....) in one main userser account.


* Free 1,000 credits when you become Verified Member (VM).

* Earn Credit when refer other to be Verified Member (up to 1,000 credits/ verified member).

* Earn Credit when post your "Free Ads" (up to 50 credits/ free ad).

* Earn Credit when the person (VM) you refered post Free Ads (up to 50 credits/ free ad).

* Up to 50% of your earned credit can be convert to Cash Value (1,000 credits = USD2.00).

* Use credit to redeem gift.


* Ulimited Post of Free Ads.

* 20 images per ad (Normal member limit to 5 images / ad).


* Place Signage Ads.


* View the massage status (Find out when you massage has been read).


* Request up to 20 Ads Alert (Monitor the ads you are interested).


* Create New Group (Create new discussion group).


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