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We encourage only objective report of the Reviews posted and we will not tolerate it if any member abuses their privileges. 
Before you submit this abuse report: 
Make sure you read and understand what our abuse review definitions mean before continuing. Once again, think twice before reporting a posted review and do not do it frivolously -- we will remove your ability to make further reports and posts without warning if you abuse this feature. 
We'd like you to remember that the Report Abuse feature is only to be used for genuine breaches and must not be used as a means of settling petty disputes and squabbles between ads reviewers. If you disagree with someone or don't like the content of their reviews, please do not submit an abuse report. Just skip the review and move on. 
If you still wish to go ahead with this abuse report please provide an accurate description of your complaint below, and then click the "Submit" button. Your report will then be automatically sent to us for review and action, if appropriate. Please note that the administrators cannot provide feedback on the outcome of your report. 
Please be specific when describing which of the abuse report definitions has been broken.

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